In recent years, “low budget” gyms seem to take over the fitness market in the United Kingdom. Large discounter gym chains are buying up smaller fitness studios in the UK pretty much everywhere. It seems that for those fitness chains, all that counts is to be able to offer the lowest price for memberships possible while the quality of their service and what else they could offer has become less important.

fitness-gyms-UKIn my opinion, this is a rather sad development. Some years ago you may have possibly spent a few bucks more for your gym as compared to today but then you also always knew that those gyms had the best equipment.

Going to the gym had been pretty fun: you could watch movies while you where exercising and many of those gyms even had other things included with their membership; some had swimming pools or offered free sports drinks, things like that.

Now it’s all about saving a few bucks at all costs which means that you most of the time only get the bare minimum. In their race for the lowest prices, a lot of gyms don’t even care to update their machines any more. And if you need someone to talk to for some help with your routines, needless to say there is no one round either.

When someone asks me for some tips to find a good gym and not one of those discounter low budget chains I am always telling them that they should take their time to see what their neighbourhood has to offer. If you are lucky you may still find the one or the other high quality gym where they care for you, even if it  would mean that you might have to pay five bucks more a month.

If you see any ads or flyers for gym memberships, don’t just look at the price. Call them up or better even, visit the gym to make sure you know what they really offer before you sign up with them. Most of the time, such a visit should be enough so that you can get an impression about their quality and their service.

At Gym Hackney we don’t accept any compromises for your fitness: We want to give you the best quality and service in East London, no questions asked!