Biarritz and Hotel Du PalaisA good number of golf enthusiasts from the United Kingdom and elsewhere choose Biarritz in France as their favourite place to go for their golf holidays.

If you have not heard of Biarritz yet and would like some ideas where to go for next golf break, allow me to give you some reasons why you should consider Biarritz as your number one travel destination.

** Eight Fantastic Golf Courses

Today, Biarritz has eight world-class golf courses in close vicinity. The city’s greens on golf holidays in France are sure to be suited for any type of golfer whether they are beginners in golf or seasoned pros. Four of those courses are listed among Europe’s top courses to play on.

** Perfect Weather

Biarritz’s climate and weather are renowned for their health benefits. The climate is sunny and comfortable while never too hot and overbearing. The town’s proximity to the ocean provides for especially clean and clear air. In other words, it’s the perfect weather for golfing.

** The French Wine and the Great Mediterranean Cuisine

Wherever you go in Biarritz you will find great restaurants where you will be able to sample everything culinary France has to offer from fresh seafood to healthy balanced salads. The local wines you can get in and around Biarritz can be a reason by itself to visit in case you love wine. Visiting some of the French vineyards in the area is one of the major attractions!

** The Fantastic Beaches

Biarritz has many fantastic beaches were four of them are perfect for windsurfing. In fact, Biarritz is Europe’s number one windsurfing spot. If you’re not into windsurfing, the beaches are of course also great if you just want to relax in the sun.

** Biarritz’ Spas

Biarritz has a vast history as a renowned ocean-spa resort town. It once had been and undeniably still is a place where the rich and wealthy go because of its great climate and proximity to the ocean. Today, you will find many spas in Biarritz that offer all types of health and relaxation therapies. Its spas are just the perfect thing if you want to unwind after an active day at the course.

You see, you don’t always have to go on golf breaks in France since Biarritz can offer you a lot more!